Concrete Sidewalks Contractors in Cary NC

Cary Concrete Services is one of the premium providers of concrete sidewalk and other concrete services in Cary. We have earned an excellent reputation in the community due to our reliability, knowledge, experience and for offering emergency 24 x 7 service. We are also available to work on weekend hours.


We are not your ordinary concrete contractor. We are a company that cares for our customers. We make sure that we work around your schedule. Why settle for less when you can get the best concrete sidewalks.

Sidewalks for Your Cary Home

Concrete sidewalks offer a number of benefits which has made them a popular choice in many Cary homes.

When it comes to building materials, concrete is extremely affordable and is the right choice for a walkway. It’s also easy to use as you can mold it in any shape and create a wide variety of designs. It is also capable of covering a huge surface area. Concrete is poured which means you can make a curved or straight pathway with ease.

No other building material offers this much durability in this particular price range. Also, it’s capable of withstanding daily wear and tear and it keeps delivering optimal performance. In terms of maintenance, it doesn’t need much. Regular cleaning and occasional repairs of minor cracks should keep it good for many years. If you want to change its look, you can do that with different designs and colors. You can now completely change the visual aesthetics of concrete services with colored and stamped concrete.

Concrete Cracking – Common Causes

Cracks appear in concrete due to a variety of reasons. Here’s a list of some of the common causes.

Absence of Crushed Stone Base
If a concrete slab doesn’t have an underlying crushed stone base, it becomes more susceptible to environmental forces such as subgrade being washed away due to water or soil movement.

Lack of Control Joints
These joints are cut into the concrete slab when it is placed. These are not designed to prevent cracks but these do help in planning the place of concrete cracks.

No Construction Joints
These are the joints that connect two separate concrete slabs. Without these joints, concrete slabs might slip and push against each other. It might lead to tripping and cracking hazards.

Wrong Choice of Concrete Mix
For a perfect concrete mix, the temperature, air and water content needs to be perfect. Thankfully, there are knowledgeable companies today that supply high quality concrete mix designs and it is rare to find a cracked concrete slab due to problems with concrete mix.

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