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Our quality workmanship provided at competitive rates makes Cary Concrete Services a reputable and trusted concrete contractor in Cary, area. Through our professional staff and project managers, we guarantee that our team will provide you with the experience you deserve. 

Close attention is paid to fine details by our team to ensure all your pending construction needs are met. We are proud of the finishes that we deliver. We recommend you to reach out to our team for: 

  • Residential and commercial services
  • Concrete cutting
  • Concrete buildings and foundations
  • Concrete curbing and patios

Let our experts take a lead in your property’s enhancement in Cary or to lay the foundation for a fresh project. The availability of our concrete contractor runs from Monday to Saturday. We strive hard to guarantee you are totally satisfied. Contact Cary Concrete Services today to schedule your appointment for us to handle all of your concrete needs.    

Concrete pouring during commercial concreting floors of buildings in construction site.

Our Services

concrete pouring

Commercial Concrete

Significant functions are played by concrete elements in and around commercial buildings. Remember that throughout Cary, Cary Concrete Services offers you professional commercial concrete services.

A picture of a concrete worker building a fresh concrete patio in Cary.

Concrete Patios

Patios are very versatile, you can have one designed to suit your specific requirements and desires. Not only can you have a custom design that fits your available space, but you can also mimic nearly any other kind of material with the right staining and/or stamping

Freshly laid concrete pavers in new concrete paver driveway.

Stamped Concrete

If you need concrete stamping services, then consider Cary Concrete Services as your go-to choice for design, construction, and installation. If you'd like a home with gorgeous architecture, then involve a design element that most of your neighbors likely don't have.


Significant roles are played by concrete elements in and around commercial buildings. A variety of commercial concrete services are offered by our team for the addition of value, looks, and function to the commercial properties of our esteemed customers. Our professionals at Cary Concrete Services are aware that your project’s success largely depends on the quality of services delivered. That’s why we strive to make sure no detail is left out. By doing this, we can meet or surpass the requirements of our clients. You can expect our professionals to deliver personalized services that pay close attention to the fine details in every step of the way. We highly prioritize your satisfaction when we do our work. Don’t choose anything apart from the best for your commercial concrete project. 


The durability and strength of concrete are making it become an ever growing choice for many construction projects. At Cary Concrete Services, the creation of superior quality concrete buildings for customers is what we love to do in Cary.


The durability and strength of concrete make drilling through it a hard job. Expert approach, appropriate tools, and skills are required when drilling. At Cary Concrete Services, dependable concrete coring services are provided to our clients in Cary.


Value and function can be added to any property through concrete curbing. Absolute durability, cost-effectiveness, and attractiveness are possessed by concrete borders. The versatility of concrete is unmatched when it comes to construction materials. It’s a worthy investment. Expert concrete curbing services are offered by Cary Concrete Services. We guarantee property owners in Cary professional concrete curbing services.


Various colors, textures, and shapes are assumed by colored concrete. It can easily blend with the environment just like a chameleon. Colored concrete floors can resemble stone, wood, brick, or any other patterns that you select. You are no longer confined to plain old gray thanks to colored concrete patios and colored concrete walkways. 


The combination of traditional techniques and modern construction technology is carried out to deliver quality masonry work. The beauty and style of various projects including fireplaces, walkways, and decks have masonry to thank. It is one of the oldest construction forms. We strive to surpass the expectations of our clients. Accuracy and care are always factored in when we approach any job regardless of its scope. We guarantee to go above and beyond to ensure your next project is cost-effective whilst doing the best job without overlooking any fine details. We can assist in your masonry work to increase your property’s resale value, upgrade its look, or both.


The stability of your home largely depends on its foundation. The weight of your home structure is meant to be supported by its foundation. With time, houses settle. This may result in the observation of damage signs. Potential problems can be discovered through a foundation inspection. This ensures you deal with these problems before they turn into future accidents. 

All your concrete needs will be addressed and met by our competent team. Our services include:

Advantages Of Concrete

Concrete floors are a superb option to install in residential properties. Regrettably, many homeowners have no clue about the advantages of concrete. They end up disregarding it as a flooring option. 

Commercial facilities have embraced the use of concrete flooring for a long time. 

Homeowners, on the other hand, have only until recently started using concrete flooring. Due to the immense benefits that it has, its popularity is quickly growing.   

Go through this 7 facts regarding concrete flooring if you are contemplating the addition of a unique style to the floors of your home:

  • Low Cost – The cost-effectiveness of this flooring is amazing. It ensures your floor has an appealing appearance that’s of superior quality. This flooring requires little maintenance and looks good even after many years have passed. 
  • Low Maintenance – As we’ve already touched on, little maintenance is required when you compare concrete floors and other flooring types such as wood, carpets, or ceramic floors. A high trafficked concrete floor will require some maintenance every two years. 
  • Good Temperature Year-Round – It is the perception of many homeowners that concrete flooring will be too cold for their homes. This is far from the truth. The temperature of a concrete floor isn’t different than that of stone, ceramic, or marble floors. The upside of the cool temperature of concrete floors is that they can significantly help in the reduction of your summer energy bill.   
  • Durable – The most durable material in the construction industry is concrete. This is because of its ability to endure harsh weather conditions and heavy foot traffic. By choosing to install a concrete floor, you are assured to have a long-lasting floor.     
  • They are Not Slippery – Concrete floors are often misperceived as slippery. This, however, isn’t true. Even though they may seem slippery, concrete floors that are installed by an expert concrete contractor shouldn’t be slippery. Professional contractors add a non-slip additive during their finishing. 

Why You Should Choose Us

Insured and Licensed Concrete Services Contractor


Always ensure that the people offering you concrete services are licensed and insured. The liability of your homeowner’s policy will be responsible for that employee’s well being unless they have their own insurance as we do. Rigorous testing needs to be passed for one to be licensed. This ensures that contractors are well versed in their field of work. By getting a licensed contractor, you can relax knowing that professionals are working on your project to deliver the best results.

Expert and Superior Quality Work for your Concrete

We are very precise about the details of our work. The pre-construction stage is the first point of focus to guarantee high-quality work. During this stage, revisions of the plans are done by our team. Then, a project-specific work-plan is created.

Actualizing Your Dreams

We love seeing your dreams come true. This is made possible through the creation of a floor that you'll love. There are no big or small projects for us. We offer our services to commercial and residential properties.

Top Service

We are the best when it comes to concrete services. We have a competent team, years of experience, and the latest equipment to deliver striking flooring results for all of our esteemed clients.

Did You Know?

The construction of roads can be excellently done using concrete. This is due to concrete’s high compressive quality. By pouring it, concrete can be matched into any design, shape, and size to fit any road. 

Since construction projects significantly depend on concrete, and it’s a fact that the planet’s most abundant mineral: Limestone, is found in concrete, this makes it used twice as much in comparison to any other mineral in the construction industry. 


A simple or neutral appearance is usually produced by concrete. Still, there are several types of coatings for you to take advantage of in case you want to enhance its design. More resistant solid floors can be produced by these coatings. This, in turn, prevents wear and tear. Artworks, as well as different color schemes, can be featured. 

Keep Safe

There are always imminent risks involved when working close to big, heavy concrete slabs. There is a huge potential for concrete slabs to severely harm people throughout the construction process. Rigorously training is undertaken by our staff. They are required to strictly abide by safety guidelines. Even more, with decades of experience, rest assured that we’ll take extra steps to provide top notch services. Our team is the best option for you to enjoy reliable, meticulous concrete coring services that satisfy your needs.


The Cary Concrete Services Guarantee

The specialization in residential concrete construction is what we at Cary Concrete Services do. We are a concrete contracting company. We provide decorative concrete and newly placed concrete applications for the addition of color and design to concrete surfaces that include patios, driveways, pool decks, and walkways. We have experience of over 30 years thereby guaranteeing superior work. Our customer satisfaction levels and superior work separate us from the rest of the pack. Your satisfaction is our foremost concern. 

Cary Concrete Services concrete contractors have in-house Bobcat and dump trucks to provide local destruction and removal assistance. Our company is licensed and is part of the BBB. Even more, we have the staff comp coverage and $2 million in liability.

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