Masonry Contractor in Cary NC


A mason specializes in installing retaining walls, chimneys, patios as well as entire homes with a huge range of materials including concrete, brick and stone among others. Homeowners are typically not aware of their broad expertise and this is the reason, masons are not widely tapped for their expertise. They are capable of enhancing a space with addition of seemingly simple features such as adding a pathway to enhance curb appeal or a stone veneer accent wall to enhance interior design.


A mason can specialize in either brick, concrete or stone but there are some masons who have the right qualifications and experience in working with all of these materials.

  • Stone Masons: Stone workers create beautiful installations with natural and manufactured stones. They also use veneer products. These stone works can be used for creating facades on walls, homes as well as interior and exterior flooring. Expert stone workers have the expertise to make stone fit any design and look.
  • Brick Masons: These masons use bricks for creating beautiful installations. They use manufactured, real, solid as well as veneer products. Commonly known as bricklayers, they create fireplaces, chimneys, walls, patio as well as columns. Bricklaying requires a lot of care and attention as lines need to be uniform.

Concrete Masonry Contractors: They use blocks as well as poured concrete. The concrete building process typically involves leveling, finishing and managing the cement as it hardens. They also work with metal reinforcements to provide additional support for the installations. Some of their common jobs include columns, walls, sidewalks as well as driveways.

For interior applications, veneer products are ideal to achieve that desired look. It is lighter than brick or natural stone which makes it easier to install. It is also sold at a lower price as it contains a lower amount of brick or natural stone which also makes it easier to transport.

Fireplaces and Chimney Masonry

Fireplaces are not just a hole in the wall for burning wood but have the potential to work as a true hearth for a home. High quality professional work makes a big difference in its appearance. It is capable of creating a stunning impression when built right. There is no other place in your home which will show a greater difference between cheap imitations and high quality authentic masonry work.


Patios and Walkways

An experienced professional has the capability to transform your boring yard into something that is a lot more by adding a stone or brick patio and walkway. While these are some common installations, there are also a number of other landscaping works to add curb appeal and value to your property.


Retaining or Garden Walls

Retaining walls are typically shorter and are used for framing gardens or holding down a sloping lawn. A wide variety of materials is used for these installations. You have the option to use brick, veneer or natural or manufactured stone around a concrete core.


Stone or Brick Steps

The average installation cost of stone steps comes to $2200 but you can get them for as little as $1000 though you can always spend up to $12,000 for these steps. On the other hand, a brick step will cost you anywhere from $150-300.

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