Concrete Wall Contractor in Cary NC

Poured Concrete Foundation and Concrete Wall by Cary Concrete Services

Foundation walls of your home need to be dependable and made of something that won’t erode away. Otherwise, it might make your house look like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Poured concrete walls are an excellent choice when it comes to dependability. These offer stability and superior strength. Excellent strength and high density of concrete makes a concrete poured wall watertight and that helps in significantly reducing the water problems in the basement. Also, concrete walls tend to be almost maintenance free.

Concrete walls can be used equally well for residential as well as agricultural purposes. Concrete is a versatile and dependable material which means you will have a firm base for all your important assets. Cary Concrete Services stands apart from the competition as we believe in paying attention to the smallest details. We use a robotic Total Station system for accurate layout of walls.

One of the biggest advantages of investing in poured concrete walls is that these are highly energy-efficient and save a lot of money. Concrete walls that are poured have higher density than concrete walls made of cement blocks which makes them more efficient at absorbing and storing heat. Also, addition of an insulation system makes these walls more efficient allowing you to save significant money on your heating and cooling costs.

Retaining Walls

Huge banks of soil that are unprotected create a dangerous situation for the area beneath them. It might cause mini mud-slides when it’s raining and could wipe out all of your hard work. Call Cary Concrete Services today to know about how we can prevent such situations by supporting the vertical slopes of soil with retaining walls. Our expert team of engineers will create a solid barrier of protection that will last a long time. These walls are environmentally friendly and will make your property look clean and modern. A study retaining wall will go a long way in keeping your assets and property safe.

Cary Concrete Services also offers concrete pumping services. We can provide concrete wherever you need it with the help of our concrete truck.

Every construction project is unique and therefore, we offer customized estimates for every single project. Here at Cary Concrete Services, we believe in providing high quality professional work. Give us a call for concrete pumping services, concrete retaining walls as well as poured concrete walls. We undertake both residential as well as industrial projects and always strive to provide the best possible service to our customers.

Cary Concrete Services has become the first choice for residential and commercial concrete service in Cary with our highly experienced engineers, diverse background and a willingness to exceed customer expectations. Call us now at 919-823-7753 for a completely free estimate.