Concrete Slab Contractor in Cary NC

Here at Cary Concrete Services, our team strives to produce nothing but excellence in the projects and work we do for our clients in and around Cary. We provide a broad spectrum of crucial services, ranging from slab work and driveways to sidewalks and patios. We eagerly await the chance to work with you so we can give you the caliber of concrete flatwork that you deserve while doing so at prices you find friendly.

Garage Slabs

An average garage slab is usually 4 inches in thickness, and it has turn-down edges of about 1 foot in thickness. The thickness is often determined by two different factors. The first is the size of the vehicles that are going to be stored inside the garage, and the second is the other various materials required to maintain the structural integrity of the concrete.

Hard Trowel Finish

One choice you can use for Cary concrete slabs is a hand trowel finish. This particular finish means employing a steel trowel in order to densify the concrete slab surface so you get a smooth-yet-hard finished surface.

Broom Finish

As implied by the term, this kind of finish involves dragging a broom, or just something like it, across a Cary concrete slab. The resulting uniform look is both visually attractive and textured enough to help drainage and traction.

Decorative Finish

Decorative concrete flooring doesn’t need a lot of upkeep, but it is robust, visually pleasing, and cost-friendly.

Workmanship Warranty

workmanship. We have close relationships with our material suppliers and concrete producer so that we can offer you only high-caliber projects and work.

On the other hand, our concrete work still is the labor of human beings, so even with our best supervision, expect small imperfections here and there.

Concrete can suffer damage from quite a few variables far beyond your control, including damage from general wear and tear, equipment, vehicles, de-icers, and quite a few other factors.


  • Unfortunately, concrete eventually cracks. It’s just in its nature. How seriously cracked concrete specifically delineates the warranty. Any crack under half an inch in either gap or height is assumed to be par for the course in this industry.


  • Something else concrete eventually does is settle and/or shift. Regardless of just how well we try to compact the impacted soil, concrete slab settlement is going to happen sooner or later. Given our lack of capacity to control soils, shifting and settling are two things that our warranty simply does not cover.


  • Weathering might cause stones to get exposed, but this isn’t going to compromise the slab’s integrity. The concrete construction industry normally considers flaking and/or popping that only spreads across one-fifth or less of the slab surface to be normal conditions.


  • It’s true that each concrete mix design will be distinct from all others. We just can’t match a specific color of any current concrete with great precision. As such, we don’t warrant that our work is going to match up exactly with any existing mixes of products.

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