Concrete Repair Contractor in Cary NC

Given how many concrete structures you see around you each day, you might actually not think that much about concrete or what it does in helping us live our increasingly urban lives. However, just like your teeth or your car, concrete needs attention and maintenance. Daily life strains and stresses everything, including concrete. That’s why we’re here to provide products and services that repair and protect concrete properly.

Concrete deterioration can happen because of many other factors, including seismic activity, water infiltration, structural damage, and corrosion. Cary Concrete Services has decades of industry experience and years of dedicated research, which we’ve used to formulate totally comprehensive answers that let us rehabilitate and restore concrete structures.

Man spraying numbers on new concrete after repair.

Crucial Causes Behind Concrete Failure And Why They Need Fixing

Concrete deterioration can happen because of the following:


  • Chemical degradation like bacterial actions, alkali aggregate reactions, and chemical exposure
  • Reinforced steel corrosion, like stray electrical current, chlorides, or carbonation
  • Mechanical attack, like explosions, earthquakes, movements, impacts, and overloading
  • Physical damages such as wear and tear, abrasion, shrinkage, thermal movements, and freeze/thaw actions
  • Underlying conditions, be it lack of maintenance, design faults, or substandard construction


Essential reasons why concrete repair should happen:


  • The replacement of defective concrete
  • The restoration of structural integrity
  • The restoration of visual appearances
  • Geometric restoration
  • The restoration of durability

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