Concrete Pool Deck Contractor in Cary

Concrete Pool Deck Repair Options

So long as existing concrete remains structurally sound, we have numerous ways of repairing a pool deck and keep it from being unsightly. Based on your budget and the state of the concrete, choices can start from using a stain coat for a basic color enhancement up to using a decorative overlay for a total resurfacing.


If you want the best results, then you should have any unsound concrete taken out before repairs, as well as any noticeable cracks filled in. You might also need water runoff diverted and a re-leveled surface if your pool deck is settling or not properly sloped

  • Concrete Pool Deck Resurfacing: If you have a pool deck with spalling, scaling, or cracking, then the ideal answer is resurfacing everything with microtopping or concrete overlay. Resurfacing doesn’t just cover up the current flaws but also enhances your pool appearance with options for adding patterns, textures, and colors. Some of our systems are even designed in particular to resurface the deck of a pool, so that heat can be reflected and slip-resistance improved.
  • Recoloring: Even though many coloring methods, including integral pigments, color hardeners, and concrete stains, are resistant to wear and tear for durability, years of neglect still put a beating on them. Concrete pool deck discoloration can happen because of inappropriate color applications, sun exposure, weathering, and harmful pool chemicals.

Fortunately, most concrete colors can be restored with fresh coats of water- or acid-based stains. A UV-resistant staining material and good sealer can keep your new color and beauty for quite some time.

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