Concrete Paver Contractor in Cary NC

Why Should You Choose Concrete Pavers?

Concrete pavers don’t need much maintenance or upkeep. They’re also flexible and quite robust. Their load-bearing capacity is superior to poured concrete, and they also permit for expansions and contractions that might happen over time. It’s exactly this kind of flexibility that prevents the cracking that commonly happens with poured concrete slabs. Concrete pavers have mortarless joints between them, which means that the drainage is very effective, preventing run-off and erosion.

Factors To Consider With Paver Installation: 


  • Always employ an appropriate base material, even when you think that the underlying sub-grade is already suitable.


  • Make sure to adjust the grade to allow for appropriate drainage.


  • Keep in mind that once the sand bedding is both installed and then leveled, that it shouldn’t be disturbed before the pavers are laid.

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