Concrete Curbing Contractor in Cary NC

Concrete Landscape Borders

If you transform the landscape of your home, you might only need some special touches using curbing and borders. Such finishing applications have the power to elevate how your home looks.



Why would you consider concrete landscape curbing? The primary reason that homeowners choose concrete landscape curbing is due to how exhausted they get from replacing broken and rusted landscape edging so often. Concrete landscape curbing is an ideal answer to this long-term issue.


Landscape Border Installation

  • The first step is ground preparation and sod cutting to prepare the landscaping.
  • The second step involves mixing the concrete inside a self-contained trailer, with color added at the precise amount necessary for this project. This mixture is actually a dry one, so it looks like wet sand.
  • As the concrete gets mixed, it then gets wheeled onto the site, where it is then fed into a machine before extrusion that results in a contiguous and attractive border around your landscaping.

Will My Landscaping Be Impacted By Putting Concrete Curbing In Place Of My Current Edging?

Your installer removes existing edging and also cuts away 9 inches of sod starting from the exterior edge of your current landscape. That lets them extrude the curb all the way to the current edging.

Can I Mow Up Against My New Curbing?

Your mower blades aren’t going to hurt the curbing, so you can mow right up to it without having to spend so much time weed-eating.

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